Lowest Price Video Capturing Device for PC

Video Capturing Device (the lowest price) 

The video capturing device (lowest price) USB 2.0 Easy capturing device, which helps to improve the shooting quality video on your handset. 

A video trap gadget 

Video gadget  is a piece of software, it is a VCR, audio and video from a camcorder or colorful devices, change your laptop allow audio and video to be stored on the drive, desirable or purpose of normal schedule? You can choose whether doing.

PC software with video capturing card function 

It also recommends the video on the laptop computer and the adjacent exhibition allows you to store documents in a media file. “Easy capture” device “Easy capture” device into a USB HAND SIDE, a popular RCA cable, which is designed to store and take advantage of any video output device. DVD participant, setup box, Satellites box or TV from a device such as a release of each audio and video  face considerable computer or on your laptop, it can be saved in various video formats.

The “EasyCap Capture” device 

This will give you to take video and audio gadgets with satellite collectors and CD players without illustrations from the way you make it to your computer legally. 

This will give you a chance to take video and sound from the satellite collector and CD player or link settings legitimately to your PC without illustrations card from the gadget. 

Video Capture Device Description (lowest price) video capture device or from your SATELLITES SETUP BOX allows you to watch videos on. 

Video Capturing Device  Description (the lowest price


First, install the software CD to which you have been in the package.

Do the following in the diagram below, how to connect a Setup box or satellite receivers.

Then connect the AV connection to EASYCAP device input.

Then attach the EASYCAP device output to our computer.

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