Live Stream to Multiple Platforms at the same time (How to

Stream to Multiple Platforms at the same time, the platform is the same time, the Direct Channel Web multiple platforms, and this headquartered in Austin, Texas, is a multi restreaming service. YouTube, Facebook, twitch, mixer (website) and Ustream include both simultaneously. 

What is Multiple Platform Streaming?

The control systems of more than one streaming media content to a higher level, this service allows its clients to focus on the broadcast. What is multi-platform streaming? From one site to one or more direct distributions or streaming Multistream exaggerating your limit, and give new viewers to your content and the best way.

It functions with your current workflow, Multistream from your network at a time to every site streaming requires much less frequency. The service of the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, India, Germany, Japan, and South Korea and 35 from the integrated streaming systems. 

For more information, see the video.

Custom streaming architectures premium payment is required, the service of the key and with the help of the new video configurations can provide users with RTMP. Through this service, able to amplify their total audience of video producers. Types of streaming gaming, photo, music, movies, Entertainment, Digital Reality, drone, which consists of 3-D printing and education. Restream began in 2016 with a new provider, with a particular chat with streamers audience, expanded with specific settings.


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